Face to Face Wolf Encounter…Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary!

Happy Labor Day!  Earlier this year I did a photography tour at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary (WSWS) and had a blast!  WSWS is a non-profit organization and is recognized in the country as one of the most experienced sanctuaries for wolves and wolf-dogs.  They are mostly supported by private donations. To learn more about WSWS, their website is WildSpiritWolfSanctuary.org

I contacted WSWS and asked if I could help them by selling two of my photographs and donating 70% of the purchase price to them.  They loved the idea & so do I!  This way, you can own a piece of my photography (or buy it as a gift for someone else) and give to a great non-profit organization.

So, for the month of September only; I’m selling 2 different size 9×12 photography prints at $40 each (that includes shipping) and 70% of that will be donated to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.  If you would like to purchase one of the print/s, email me at SirAlexanderPhoto@gmail.com  (the watermark shown in the center of the photographs will not be on your purchased photograph)

Image #1

Image #2

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