Reaching Davenport Abandoned Pier!

Davenport is located roughly 10-15 miles north of Santa Cruz, CA. For the last couple of years, I’ve seen pictures of this pier posted on social media. Each time I saw those pictures, I told myself I need to find that location & take my own pictures.

After doing some research on the area, I learned that the pier once served as a lumber loading dock built in the late 1800s as a competition to Captain John Pope Davenport.  Also, access to the beach wouldn’t be easy. But after seeing several pictures on social media and the individuals I saw in the pictures standing by the pier; I figured with my grip shoes and physical strength I should be ok (to be honest).

Long story short, it was alittle challenging but I made it down. Below, are the pictures and the video shows some footage of my climbing down & up. Hope you enjoy this post!

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