Picture of the Week! (7/16/17 – 7/22/17)

Last year in April, I took a road trip that began by driving through northern New Mexico. First on my list of things to see was Shiprock. Since I couldn’t find an address, I made a quick stop to Farmington’s Visitor Center. With their info, I drove maybe less than 20 miles west down a major highway and finally turned off on a unpaved rough dirt road. Eventually, you’ll have to park and hike if you want to reach the base of Shiprock. Due to my time schedule, I decided to attach my zoom lense & snap acouple of shots from where the road ends (which is still a great distance away). It’s located on the Navajo Indian Reservation and can be seen up to 100 miles away in some directions because it stands 1,800 feet above the plains.

Thank you so much for viewing! If you like to see more of my travel photography (or my photography in general), please follow this blog or head over to my site: SirAlexanderPhoto.com  where you can see more of my work and sign-up for a monthly newsletter.

Shiprock 1

Shiprock 2


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