Chinese New Year 2018!

This past February 16, midnight to be exact, I heard so many fireworks and gun shots going off for atleast 20-30 minutes.  Later that morning, I have learned via news station, that it was the start of the Chinese New Year and the official parade will be that following Saturday.  I’ve visited China Town in San Francisco maybe twice while living in the Bay Area and since I’ll still be in town, made sure to check out this New Year’s parade as well!

Below, you will see pictures I have taken while walking thru China Town and also of the New Year parade. There will also be a video posted below the images showing footage from the parade and additional photos.

Here’s some fun facts about Chinese New Year:

1. Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival

It’s still winter, but this holiday marks the end of the coldest days.

2. Receiving lucky money in red envelopes:

Traditionally, children will receive money from the elders to help transfer the fortune.

3.Dumplings are ate for every meal:

Traditionally, you suppose to eat dumplings for every meal, every day (Spring Festival lasts for 15 days), but after doing some research, I noticed this tradition is fading. Most will eat dumplings for the first breakfast/ meal.

4. The Lantern Festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year:

The Lantern Festival starts on the first full moon of the lunar year.

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Thank you for taking time out your day and reading my article!  Please share with those you think maybe interested. 🙂

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