Vegas Strong, a year later…

Today (Oct 1st) marks one year since the Las Vegas mass shooting. I had plans already set to be in Vegas later that month for a concert as well. When I arrived there, I couldn’t help but to visit the site where the shooting had taken place… for two reasons. 1, to view for myself to gain perspective of what happen and 2, to pay respect/ give condolences at the victim’s memorial site. I took some video footage while there to share with people so they will be able to have a first person perspective/ view of what happen as well… but never posted it. Since today mark one year of this horrible tragedy, I decided to reflect and share it with you all.

*I believe the shooter was shooting from one of the room windows that is now covered by the black #VegasStrong banner at a downward angle across the street at the concert goers. Video is posted below:

Here’s a link to my previous post:

A City in the Sky…

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