Beyond the Ghosts, there’s Gold!

This title is fitting for an old gold mining town called Bodie.  Located east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Mono County, California. I recently visited this ghost town and the Mono Lakes (which I’ll make a post about later on) early this month. This area got it’s name from a man name William S Bodey, who is credited for being the first to discover gold there around 1859.  As the years went by, people would spell the last name with an ie instead of ey and it just stayed that way.  Starting with alittle over 10 miners, the town eventually grew to over 10,000 people by 1880, making Bodie California’s third largest city.  During the mid 1880s, other mining booms were raising in Montana, Arizona, and Utah; which lead to the first signs of decline for Bodie.  By 1910, the population was less than 700.  Those were mostly families that decided to stay at Bodie instead of chasing the newest boom. During their peak years, Bodie produced between $14 – $40 million gold mined. ( I gathered info from three sources, which each gave me a different $ estimate)

I have alot of video footage & photos but I decided to trim it down. Watch the video below, for I give you a short tour around this old booming gold mining town. And as always, Thank You for you time & viewing!


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