Hawaii, 5 Stops on the Road to Hana!

I recently visited Maui for my 37th birthday and one of the things I wanted to do is explore the Road to Hana. I heard so much about this amazing road and the many sight-seeing worthy stops, that I had to go! Traveling this road can take all day, so I made a short list of the stops I wanted to make. That list was Twin Falls, the Bamboo Forest, and Black Sand Beach. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see the Bamboo Forest due to time constraint. I highly recommend downloading the Shaka Maui app before taking this drive. It’s very informative and will save you alot of time & stress.                                                                    Below is the video of the 5 stops made while on the Road to Hana and I also placed some pictures below to keep this blog photography based.

As always, thanks for viewing and please share with others that maybe interested!

1 Black Sands Beach

created by dji camera

2 Twin Falls

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4 responses to “Hawaii, 5 Stops on the Road to Hana!

  1. Looks beautiful! We’ll be visiting there soon! Can’t wait. How bad is the humidity? You’re from the Bay Area, right? I figure if you can stand the heat and humidity, we Northeastern Swamp dwellers should be OK, lol 🙂

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  2. I’m currently in the Bay but I’m originally from South Carolina so I’m use to harsh humidity also lol. We went in early February and the temperature change was huge. Cold in the morning/ night and super hot during the day. Humidity wasn’t bad during that time of year but I can imagine it will be around spring & summer with those hot days

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