MLK Memorial walk-thru in San Francisco, CA!

With today being Martin Luther King Jr Day, it’s a perfect time to post a short walk thru video I did last year at one of his memorials in San Francisco. Below the video, I’ll include five facts that I thought were interesting as well…

Also, with this being my first post of 2020, I will like to say Happy New Year & Blessings to everyone this post reaches…

Interesting facts:

Martin Luther King Jr birth name was actually Michael King Jr. His father later changed both their names.

King started college at the age of fifteen. He was a very gifted student that skipped grades nine and twelve.

There are over 700 streets in the United States named after Martin Luther King, Jr.

Some of King’s awards include the Nobel Peace Prize, Congressional Gold Medal, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

King is one of only two people to have his birthday become a federal holiday established by law. (George Washington is the other person)


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