San Francisco George Floyd Protest Coverage!

This protest took place on Sunday May 31, 2020 in San Francisco, Ca. Six days after the death of George Floyd (who was pinned down by three police officers, particularly one officer using his knee on George’s neck until he ran out of air) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This protest involved all races speaking as one, demanding equality/ justice for people of color, especially blacks. I can not speak for all protests, but I know that this one was peaceful and nonviolent. The march/ protest started on Market St, to Union Square (where a couple of speeches were made), & ended at City Hall for closing remarks.

I photographed over 150 images and close to 10 minutes of video footage. I was able to narrow down the video (below) to under 5 minutes, displaying both images & footage, to give you a front-line experience but also maintain the essence of this protest.

R.I.P to George Floyd and everyone else who has died of senseless killings & injustice…

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3 Protest SF

4 Protest SF

6 Protest SF

8 Protest SF

10 Protest SF

18 Protest SF

23 Protest SF

33 Protest SF

26 Protest SF

44 Protest SF

43 Protest SF

47 Protest SF

49 Protest SF

35 Protest SF

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