Carnaval Fest San Francisco 2017!

This is the 39th annual Carnaval Festival in San Francisco! I had a blast at this festival! I arrived early to scout out a great location to stand before the parade start and also to capture some of the event goers while still in a good/ festive mood. Below, are a few of the photos I took. The video includes over 50 images and short video clips.

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Sandia Tramway 50th anniversary!

This past Saturday marked the 50th anniversary of the Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway! I was in Albuquerque this past weekend & was able to embrace the celebration and ride the new tram cars! This tram system is the longest in the country with a distance of 2.7 miles, which carries you over deep canyons. Once you reach the top, the elevation is roughly 10,400 foot. Here are acouple shots: 1st shot shows the previous tram cars, 2nd shot pictures the new tram car pulling in, & the 3rd shot shows the new tram car arriving at the top of Sandia Peak. Enjoy! 🙂





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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2015!!

Seeing hot air balloons daily is one of the reasons I love it here in New Mexico!  And when it comes the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (AIBF), it doesn’t get any better!  Balloonist literally come from around the word to either to be in this event or watch it.  This is my 3rd year going and the event keeps getting better and better!

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Bacon, Beer, & Blues Fest!

Who doesn’t love Bacon?! (I know I do)  With that said, I was excited to attend this year’s Bacon, Beer, & Blues Fest! Mostly just to see all the different concoctions the venders will come up with…and taste them ofcourse!  Here are some pictures from this year’s event.  Oh, and the doughnut bacon burger was my favorite!

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Pulling for Kids!

Pulling for Kids is an annual event done by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Mexico.  This year’s was their first annual and I was more than happy to show up, donate, & support such a worthy cause.  Location was at Albuquerque International Sunport.  Groups will attempt to pull a 20-ton Boeing 727 at a distance of 20 feet, fastest time wins!  Each group/ team must raise $1,000 to enter, which benefit the kids of Central New Mexico.  Below you will see some of the action I was able to capture.  The last photo is the President Tim Sheahan of BGCCNM & myself.  You can learn more about this event at Pulling for Kids!


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Best Preserved Meteor Crater on Earth!

I had the opportunity to visit this meteor site (located in Arizona) last year in October. The pictures doesn’t really do it justice when trying to compare it’s size. This giant meteor is known for being the best preserved and stretches 1 mile across and almost 2.5 miles in circumference! Also, it is the first proven meteor crater on Earth!

Here’s a link to a short video I filmed to give you a better perspective of the size posted below:

To learn more about this meteor crater; I attached the link to it’s main site below:

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White Water Rafting in Rio Chama!

I had the opportunity to join my co-workers last weekend on a rafting trip. I decided not to do the rafting but I wanted to go to checkout the scenery and capture some action shots of them rafting as well!

Here’s a Link to a great video & photography combination I did posted below:

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