Tupac Mural…All Eyez On Me!

With the movie “All Eyez On Me” (a 2 Pac biopic) coming out this weekend, I thought it would be the perfect time to post this dope 2 Pac mural I saw in Chinatown San Francisco a few weeks back. The credited street artist instagram name is visible on the top left of the image.

Tupac mural

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Christmas Display, Bellagio & Downtown Riverside, Ca 2016!

Hey everyone! I recently saw these Christmas displays and wanted to share them with you all. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Enjoy and thanks for viewing 🙂



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Visiting Mother Emanuel Post Tragedy

Emanuel A.M.E. Church (Mother Emanuel) founded in 1818, was originally named Hampstead Church.  I wanted to visit the church after hearing about the tragedy.  During the early winter of 2016, I returned home & traveled to Charleston, SC and photographed the beautiful Emanuel Church.

Thanks for viewing! 🙂

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Tree of Knowledge Sculpture!

When I heard about this tree sculpture, I was too close not to pay it a visit! Created by artist Sue Wink. Located outside Roswell Public Library and stands 17ft tall. Made of more than 2,000 tiles designed by library patrons & community members. Its worth a visit if you’re in the Roswell, NM area! I have a video of the sculpture posted on my FaceBook page as well.

Thanks for viewing!




Skateboarders catching air! Venice Beach

Here’s acouple of shots I took while at Venice Beach’s Skate Plaza.  The guys there range from beginners to pro, all skating and having a blast!  Below, are 3 shots I edit of the guys catching some air! Later today, I’ll post a video from there on my FaceBook Page 🙂







Thanks for viewing! 🙂

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Pokémon Go Frenzy! Santa Monica, Ca

Lastnight, I decided to checkout Santa Monica for the first time. Everything was going fine, I was walking to leave the pier and literally a frenzy of people crowded and blocked the wide/ huge pier. Everyone was at a stand still and wasn’t moving until they got what they came there for. I noticed majority of the people had their phones out & as I glanced, I noticed it was Pokémon on the phone screens. I lifted my camera up to get a shot of the frenzy & below I edited the shot to depict how I felt the screen was.  Which is, a display of major mind control Pokémon have over people.

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Happy Veteran’s Day!!! (Salute)

This is a shot I took early this year.  I wanted to post it today and say Happy Veteran’s Day to all that have serve and are serving!  Thank you and GOD Bless you!

Thanks for viewing!