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I haven’t posted on blog in nearly a year.  I’ve continued to take many photos and have improved in my picture taking and editing process and even added painting as a form of creating as well now!  Have a new site as well: High On Ambition So to stay more in tuned and up to date with my audience on here, I decided to post at least 1 picture a week.  As always, thanks for taking the time to view/ read this post!  Much Love!

This week’s picture is a fall portrait I took of a mother and daughter.  I hope you guys like it! 🙂

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Happy Veteran’s Day!!! (Salute)

This is a shot I took early this year.  I wanted to post it today and say Happy Veteran’s Day to all that have serve and are serving!  Thank you and GOD Bless you!

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Face to Face Wolf Encounter…Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary!

Happy Labor Day!  Earlier this year I did a photography tour at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary (WSWS) and had a blast!  WSWS is a non-profit organization and is recognized in the country as one of the most experienced sanctuaries for wolves and wolf-dogs.  They are mostly supported by private donations. To learn more about WSWS, their website is WildSpiritWolfSanctuary.org

I contacted WSWS and asked if I could help them by selling two of my photographs and donating 70% of the purchase price to them.  They loved the idea & so do I!  This way, you can own a piece of my photography (or buy it as a gift for someone else) and give to a great non-profit organization.

So, for the month of September only; I’m selling 2 different size 9×12 photography prints at $40 each (that includes shipping) and 70% of that will be donated to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.  If you would like to purchase one of the print/s, email me at SirAlexanderPhoto@gmail.com  (the watermark shown in the center of the photographs will not be on your purchased photograph)

Image #1

Image #2

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Best Preserved Meteor Crater on Earth!

I had the opportunity to visit this meteor site (located in Arizona) last year in October. The pictures doesn’t really do it justice when trying to compare it’s size. This giant meteor is known for being the best preserved and stretches 1 mile across and almost 2.5 miles in circumference! Also, it is the first proven meteor crater on Earth!

Here’s a link to a short video I filmed to give you a better perspective of the size posted below:


To learn more about this meteor crater; I attached the link to it’s main site below:


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White Water Rafting in Rio Chama!

I had the opportunity to join my co-workers last weekend on a rafting trip. I decided not to do the rafting but I wanted to go to checkout the scenery and capture some action shots of them rafting as well!

Here’s a Link to a great video & photography combination I did posted below:

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